Sangreal Foundation

For our planet, our children and our wellbeing… We ensure that no one stands alone while protecting life in a changing world. Sangreal Foundation

Sangreal Foundation

Brian Sheth, Founder

To date we have saved 50,000 miles of forest, 83 species from extinction, and impacted over 120,000 children across the world.



to date







towards saving

our planet

Our process-driven systematic approach connects people together, provides best practices and essential resources to deliver effective and measurable global impact.



Do the Research

We identify the most urgent issues in our priority impact areas, and identify the partners who are most poised to solve the underlying problems if provided the right resources, people, and processes for scale and impact.


Build & Resource
the Right Team

We assess and tackle the challenges that have limited our partners’ scale & impact by connecting them with world-class experts, additional funding access, community groups, governmental agencies and high-level leadership manpower.


Support & Entrust

We work behind the scenes to eliminate day-to-day logistical barriers, so our partners can focus on attaining real and measurable results while maintaining the principles and culture of their founding organizers.


We Collaborate

We holistically share the lessons, best practices information, and leadership personnel to ensure that what works for one partner can be leveraged across our entire portfolio of charities and programs. The network and power of being part of The Sheth Sangreal Foundation extends far beyond providing funding. When one portfolio partner scales, the entire network’s impact grows.



Brian Sheth

Brian, a first generation Indian–American, is a leader in business, philanthropy and private equity. Brian applies the same systems-driven strategies that have yielded billions of dollars of value for investment partners to the charities and programs he supports. His breakthrough strategies and leadership resources foster operational excellence and measurable impact in programs that support the resilience and wellbeing for all life on earth. He believes in building strong coalitions with business leaders, other process-driven NGOs and citizens to ensure that no one stands alone while protecting life in a changing world.