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30th September 2020

Sheth Sangreal Foundation Pledges $1 Million Matching Grant Challenge to All Together ATX to Support Deployment of Critical COVID-19 Relief Resources

The Sheth Sangreal Foundation (SSF), announced a $1 million matching grant challenge for All Together ATX, a community-led philanthropic fund, led by Austin Community Foundation and United Way for Greater Austin, that provides resources to nonprofit organizations working with communities who are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and the economic consequences of the outbreak.

Through this award, SSF aims to catalyze a renewed urgency and motivation to invest in the lives of Central Texans. These critical funds, part of a third and final round of grantmaking planned for winter 2020, will be deployed to help provide continued relief efforts to the Austin-area community with a focus on food security, direct financial assistance, social supports and COVID-19 modifications and personal protection equipment.

The All Together ATX fund brings together a coalition of philanthropic, government, and business leaders across the community to complement the work of public health officials and expand local capacity to address the health and economic impacts of the outbreak as efficiently as possible. To date, the fund has raised over $6 million and has distributed over $4 million through two rounds of grantmaking. The power of this collective impact will lead to increased resources directly deployed to support Central Texans most impacted by COVID-19.

“We feel the effects of COVID-19 most strongly on the local level, which is where we can have the greatest impact,” said Brian Sheth, co-founder of The Sheth Sangreal Foundation. “We want to empower and deploy this funding to a wide range of community based, nonprofit organizations and those individuals and leaders, from all walks of life, that stand with our mission at Sangreal that, “no one stands alone while protecting life”.”

“We are incredibly grateful to the Sheth family and the Sheth Sangreal Foundation for their generous gift to All Together ATX, and the continued support from our community to support this ongoing effort,” said Mike Nellis, CEO, Austin Community Foundation. “The road to recovery is a long one and in order to lift up our fellow neighbors who are still struggling with basic needs, we’re asking the Central Texas community to accept this challenge and give generously.”

“Thank you so much to Brian and Adria Sheth, and the Sheth Sangreal Foundation for this generous $1MM matching gift,” said David C. Smith, CEO, United Way for Greater Austin. “We are here for the long term to rebuild our community, especially for those most affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Our hope is that this extraordinary donation will inspire even more Central Texans to give to All Together ATX. 100% of every dollar donated will support the safety and basic needs of our friends and neighbors.”

To learn more and donate, please visit AllTogetherATX.org.

For more information:

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